Amezoni Crystals is a store for those who have crystals as their lifestyle.
Born through the dream of two brothers, Henrique and Savio Testoni, aiming to help other stone lovers to find everything they need in one place.
With partnerships with mines around Brazil, only the best stones are selected and brought directly here to you, ensuring the best when it comes to quality, reliability, service and price.
Also being the owners of Trapiche Amethyst Mining, where the most exclusive amethysts are extracted with ethics.

Gem Shows

Check our show schedule on the social networks to see when our next show will be, it will be a pleasure to meet you in person.

Behind the scene

Saiba quem está por trás da Amezoni Crystals.

Henrique and Sávio Testoni

Brothers who own Trapiche amethyst mining and Amezoni Crystals.
Passionate about people and crystals.
They are present at the biggest shows around the world.

Jacques Testoni

Dear and beloved father.
Great businessman and advisor.
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